U. S. Army Corps of Engineers - Mobile District


    Recreation at Corps lakes has become a very important resource with a large
economic expansion based on local and interstate tourism.  Of these federal
projects, Lake Lanier has become the most visited Corps of Engineers lake in
the United States.  Allatoona, W. F. George and West Point Lakes also rank
highly among most visited Corps projects.  A wide variety of recreational
opportunities are provided at these sites including boating, fishing, picknicking,
camping, skiing, and sightseeing.

    In response to meeting other water requirements at the projects, lake levels
may decline during prime recreation periods.  Large reservoir drawdowns are
detrimental to recreational use as access to the water for boaters and swimmers
is inhibited, safety hazards result from large trees left in the water for fishery
protection, and exposed banks and lake bottoms appear unsightly. Therefore, reser-
voir operations seek to maintain a steady, full pool, when possible.

    In order to maximize the potential recreational use of all the projects, the
reservoirs in the ACF basin are operated as a system, keeping the drawdown levels
and rates balanced among the reservoirs.  These considerations are given greater
attention during the primary recreation season of May through early September.
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