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Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint (ACF)    
Lanier, West Point, W.F. George, Andrews, Woodruff

Today's Project Data
Readings for today at Locks and Dams.
ACF | ACT | BWT | Tenn-Tom

Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa (ACT)
Allatoona, Carters, R.F. Henry, Millers Ferry, Claiborne

River Stage Forecasts and Weather Information - NWS River Forecast Center reports for selected sites.         

Black Warrior-Tombigbee (BWT)
Bankhead, Holt, Oliver, Selden, Demopolis, Coffeeville

Lake Level Forecasts - 4-Week projection of lake levels. Updated every Wednesday.

Tennessee-Tombigbee (Tenn-Tom) River Basin
Whitten, Montgomery, Rankin, Fulton, Wilkins, Amory, Aberdeen, Stennis, Bevill, Heflin

Average Daily Inflow by Month - Average monthly inflows to major lakes.

Other River Basins (Pascagoula, Escambia)

ACF Basin Inflow Chart           ACF Basin Inflow Table
ACF Basin Inflow computed at Chattahoochee Gage.


ACF Basin Conservation Storage Chart        

ACF Basin remaining conservation storage by project.


Ship Island, MS Wind Gauge


ACF/ACT Water Resources Update- Update on project conditions in the ACF and ACT basins.

Tenn-Tom Hourly Data - Hourly gage data.


District River System Status- Weekly summary of activities on the river systems. Updated weekly.


ACF Basin Map | ACT Basin Map |
BWT Basin Map | Tenn-Tom Basin Map

Historical Project Data - Historical data by year in tabular format.

ACF | ACT | BWT | Tenn-Tom | Okatibbee

Navigation Notices - Information on commercial navigation in Mobile District.

Mobile District Levee Map - National Levee Database


River Bulletin - Water level readings at dams and gages for the last four days.           Help reading bulletin

Other Info and Links - Related agencies (USGS, RFC), reference info, regional links.


Hurricane Storm Surge Reports

Record Levels for Rivers and Lakes

ACF Basin | ACT Basin
BWT-Tenn Tom Basin | Other Basins

How The River Systems Are Managed -                ACF Tabletop Demonstration
Summaries of the various lake uses.        


Legal Opinion – Water Supply

Access to Water Resources Data - Corps Water Management System (CWMS) Data Dissemination

Fish Spawn Status


SAM Spillway Gate Status

Generation Schedules- Hourly power generation schedule. Usually available by 4 pm CT.

Hydropower Generation Schedule

Index to Web Pages - Find dams, gages, water management subjects, etc.

Key Project Phone Numbers - Need the number to talk to a live person? Try here.

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